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Flextel has been a leader in VoIP phone systems in Dallas, TX since 1984. Our team understands the needs of businesses big and small and we take care in recommending products that meet your expectations. We know business success comes on the back of scalable growth, which is why our systems are designed to complement your staff in ways that help them succeed. Look to us for the best in VoIP, surveillance, paging systems, network cabling and more.

VoIP Phone Systems

Our primary focus is on VoIP phone systems. As an NEC authorized dealer, we bring business owners the reliability and versatility they need from a digital phone solution. Let us introduce you to a smarter communication system—one with features like extension transferring, digital call logs and secure calling with crystal clear sound quality!

Our experts will consult with you about your business’ needs, recommending NEC solutions that fit your demands and position your business to continue its success. Most often, we recommend the SL2100 VoIP phone system with IP and TDM handset options, designed for robust communication across your entire business. Learn more about our VoIP phone systems from NEC here!

Learn more about our VoIP phone systems from NEC here!

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Other Systems We Provide

Beyond VoIP Phone systems, we’re pleased to offer growing businesses the systems they need to succeed daily. From keeping your employees safe to improving the speed of your data, we’re the authority on business systems.

Security Camera

Surveillance cameras

Invest in a closed-circuit surveillance system and bring peace of mind to your people and premises. Our LUX Technologies IP surveillance cameras deter wrongdoers and give you a visual record of any incidents.

Paging system

Paging systems

We supply paging systems in Dallas, TX for facilities that need them, so you can broadcast a message or connect with a specific person or department easily.


Network cabling

Good cabling is the key to faster data. We can install CAT5 and CAT6 data cabling strategically, so you get faster data transfer and less interference from nearby utilities.

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Our Capabilities

In pursuit of providing you with the very best in data, security, and business phone systems in Dallas, TX, you can count on our team to handle complete installation, repair, and maintenance. Our experienced team uses decades of experience to install, program and orchestrate system integrations so everything works flawlessly, as you need to it. We do more than just sell you solutions—we install and service them so you can focus on what matters most: Growing the business.

Support Your Growing Business

Contact Flextel today today to learn more about the products we offer growing businesses. Whether you need a VoIP phone system or surveillance capabilities, our team is ready to provide them. Reach us today at 972-889-1200 to learn more.

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